Sometimes a LFG group can really surprise you.  This particular group I stepped into at the 3rd boss on my mage.  It was apparent they’d been at it a while, as even dps had left (pretty rare considering the queue times and the fact that the server was scheduled for a restart at some point within the next 1.5 hours).

I was happy to get into a dungeon that was half way through, since the shut down was looming.  We managed to wipe on Drahga Shadowburner on the first attempt after I joined, and another DPS that must have been there a while left.  Much to my surprise the tank admitted that he didn’t know the dungeon – hadn’t been in it before.  I like when people can actually admit this and ask if there’s anything they need to know, because then the rest of the group can actually help them out and explain a bit.

So we got in a new guy, screwed around for a while due to random disconnects – meanwhile explaining to the tank how he needed to tank this boss – and then we one shot it the next time.  Nice.  Seems like a pretty good tank, considering he can listen and learn that fast.  I like fast learners.

We got through the little bit of trash with no problems, but as we were nearly at Erudax the warning appears for a restart in 15 minutes.  A very brief explanation followed as everyone was keen to get it done and get out.  One of the two adds manages to hatch a whole bunch of eggs, the boss is healed back to full and it becomes apparent that the shadow priest may not know the fight too well either (at least on heroic mode).

I’m amused to see that the shadow priest is actually using Mind Spike on the add they’re taking care of, and so it wasn’t slowed and didn’t die before it started hatching eggs.  I suggested that Mind Flay might be more appropriate, as slowing the add was a very important task.  There are six minutes left when we pull the boss again.  To my surprise, both adds are down before they hatch more than 1 or 2 eggs and there are 40 seconds left when the boss dies.

I’d been unsure whether we would finish, so this was quite a satisfying run in the end.  I liked being able to give a couple of people tips and information that will help them in future in that dungeon and just maybe bolster a new tank’s confidence enough to keep him queuing.


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